Our Old City Series Trumpets are based on Free Blowing Uninhibited Architecture for a deep, natural tone. The Taj is a real pinnacle design with scientifically constructed and calculated piping that moves air efficiently and freely in a wind-tunnel like fashion. The thickened piping and sheet metal is Silver & Gold Plated and adds a dimension and timbre to the sound. Hand-balanced and weighted construction gives this instrument the feel of being an extension of your body. The modern Schiller Centertone Fast-Action Valve Block comes standard.
The Taj Trumpet is made in our Custom Production Shop under the strict regulations set forth by our Format & Engineering Center.
• New Free-Flowing (Wind-Tunnel Engineered) Design
• Silver and Gold-Plated Thick Brass (throughout stock tubing)
• Advanced Weighted System (Adds timbre and perfect playing balance)
• Tapered Slide Pipings
• Super Schiller Mouthpiece
• Deluxe Schiller Trumpet Travel Case

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