Havana Cuba Circa 1950’s

A special Artist Series of Saxophones characterized by rich sound, thick body and pallet overtones.  A powerful tone even at a whisper cry.  Bell and body are formed with traditional tools in an extensive process by hand, using 35/65 brass.  The same process used during the 1950’s saxophone renaissance.


  • Authentic Patrie Y Libertad Custom Brace
  • Havana Circa 1950’s “Papa” Hand Bell Engraving
  • Special Weighted Keys, Full Adorned with Full Key Adjustments
  • Palm Key for D, Eb & F are all Adjustable in Height
  • Pendulum Weighted Octave Key
  • Pisoni-105 Leather Pads

Finish Pallet Available As:

  • Dark, Un-Lacquered Duralast Color Finish
  • Light Un-Lacquered Duralast Color Finish
  • Sandblasted Silver Plated with Brushed Roman Gold Keys – Exclusive Totem Engravings
  • Traditional Gold Glass with Brushed Roman Gold Keys – Exclusive Totem Engravings
  • Antique Blended Lacquer Finish – Exclusive Totem Engravings
  • Dark Black Nickel Plated with Brushed Black Nickel – Exclusive Totem Engravings

Includes the Premier Travelmate Gig Case.  Thick, high density protection, material that is long lasting! Storage pockets, Antique Plated Hardware, Flight-Style Closing Zippers, Reinforced Zipper Protection Flap with a Classic Handmade Handle.

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