Extremely rich with coherent note slots.

Our thickened bell brass and oversized bell really enrich and center overall sound and amplitude. Our modern Schiller Key Action is used along with specially shaped tone holes. 5 1/4” Bell or 6” Bell projects the smooth rich tone that will have the audience listening with every playing nuance. Completely built in our Custom Shop Format Production Center.

All Genuine Kid Leather Resonator Pads are hand padded and perfectly sealed. Our French-Engineered neck/bell-to-body construction give exceptional clarity and response in the lower and upper registers.

Schiller Elite V Alto Saxophones – the Gold Standard for Saxophone Construction!

– Thickened Brass Body and Bell with 5 1/4″ or 6″ Big Bell
– French Engineered Neck & Bell to Body Construction
– Kid Leather Resonator Pads
– Schiller Engineered Shaped Tone Holes for Superior Intonation and No Air Leakage
– Modern Schiller Key Action
– High F# and High G on Most Models
– Artisan Bell Engraving
– Custom Finishes: Gold Plated, Vintage Brass, Silver Plated, Copper, Black Nickle
– Travelmate Molded Hard Case for Easy Handling
– EZ Adjustable Key Mechanisms
– 2 Years Part Warranty / 1 Year Labor Warranty

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