A special Artist Series of Saxophones characterized by rich sound, thick body and pallet overtones.  A powerful tone even at a whisper cry.  

Bell and body are formed with traditional tools in an extensive process by hand, using 35/65 brass

Saxophone Body:

Schiller Saxophones are tuned completely for a full color resonance using reed sizes from 1.5 to 5. The brass used within the body is virgin and not recycled. The proprietary mix of bronze within the Schiller Brass allows for a thicker molecule stack and is optimized for the sound wave lengths of the saxophone. Schiller customizes the brass thickness for the different sizes of saxophones to produce exact soprano, alto or tenor sounds.

Sound Holes:

The sound holes on the Schiller Elite Saxophones feature a thick 6mm rim that has been deburred and chamfered by hand. Schiller uses precision robotics to cut the holes to exact specifications and then relies on the skilled hands of professionals to certify the holes for exact fit to the pads.


European Goatskin is used for the leather pads on all Schiller Elite Saxophones. Goatskin is an extremely durable and soft material. This leather highly resists moisture while still completing a thick seal on the sound holes. It will not drag upon release from mating with the brass rim and will seal within a thousandth of a second allowing for extremely fast fingering.

Keys and Tension Springs:

Schiller uses precision cut blued-steel springs for use with our keys. Each key is individually measured to open to precisely the exact amount needed for each particular tone. This insures the correct note and pitch for each horn. The blued-steel springs will not bound at the top of the stroke or bobble upon release allowing for a very smooth fingering action. The bluing process on the springs acts as protection of the steel against any moisture the springs are likely to come in contact with.

Heavy Duty Tone Rings:

The proprietary Schiller Tone Rings near the bell of the saxophone act as vibration balances. These rings keep the sound waves produced fore and aft of the mouthpiece balanced as they travel through the body of the saxophone before they are amplified by the bell. This gives the sound a full color and produces beautiful resonance.

Polymer Mouthpiece:

Schiller saxophones come standard with polymer mouthpieces that are a medium chamber and medium facing. These mouthpieces will set your favorite reed perfectly and allow for minute-of-angle adjustments.

Bell Separation:

Schiller Saxophones are equipped with bells that are removable from the saxophone bodies. This allows for easier access when cleaning and easy repair if the bell becomes accidentally damaged.

Standard Features:
– High F# and High G on Most Models
– Artisan Bell Engraving
– Custom Finishes Available: Gold Plated, Vintage Brass, Silver Plated, Copper, Black Nickle
– Travelmate Molded Hard Case for Easy Handling
– EZ Adjustable Key Mechanisms
– 2 Years Part Warranty / 1 Year Labor Warranty

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