Schiller Conservatory Oboe is perfectly suited for advancing player with Full Conservatory Key System
Producing Rich Harmonic Sound. Solid & Smooth Keywork features 3rd Octave Key.

Following Keys Standard:

Many Basic Student models play ponlyto low B natural. When one looks at the oboe and sees
Open holes in the bell and no mechanism(Pad) to cover them, there is no low Bb on that instrument
This allows the player another option to fingering an F. This is essential to more Advanced players in executing certain passages and in choosing the desired tone color versus the forked F
FORKED F & Bb Resonance Keys
These improve the quality and pitch of their respective notes.
The more basic student models as well as the Tabuteau models of the professional line of oboes do not have
These resonance keys.
Ab-Bb trill mechanism
This greatly simplifies the fingering of this trill. Without this mechanism,creating a true trill between these two notes is not possible
Left hand C-D trill
Provides an alternative to the right hand C-D trill lever
Auxiliary Low C
This key facilitates the low C to C# transition and simplifies the trill
Low B-C# trill mechanism
Allows for a seamless transition in executing this trill

The Schiller Elite Conservatory Oboe is German Engineered and uses the finest components.

With their hands on approach, Schiller band instruments achieve their goal of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all musicians.

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