The Schiller AH76 Piccolo is perfect for students and teachers.

Powerfull volume with smooth upper range response. The S-2 Headjoint with handcut embouchure hole features sterling silver lip plate
and is made in Schiller Flute Custom Shop for deep substantive tone.

Resonant Poly-Plastic Conical Body T.M. with Forged Metal key mechanism.

Schiller AH76 Piccolo is Painstakingly Engineered and uses all the finest components.


    Stainless Steel High Tension Springs
    Double Skin Yellow Treated Pads
    Stainless Steel Pad Washers and Screws
    One Piece Body Rib-(Main Body Rib is one piece for added strength
    S-2 Headjoint-Design ensures free easy blowing for advancing players
    Hand Cut Headjoint Embouchure with British Sterling Silver Lip Plate
    British Sterling Silver Plated Keys

    Resonant Poly-Plastic Conical Body T.M. with Forged Metal Key Mechanism
    French Wood Hardshell Case w/Cordura Cover

Schiller Scale-Acclaimed by leading Teachers and Artists Worldwide Represents State of Art Flute making Technology.
Correct Tonehole Sizes and locations on the flute body and footjoint tubings assure the instrument is in tune with itself.
Further Carefull Design of the important embouchure plate hole,
riser configuration and Headjoint Taper Ensures the finished headjoint is compatible with tonehole placement on the Piccolo Body & Headjoint.

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