Schiller 200 Series Straight Flute

The 200 Series is perfectly suited for the advancing beginner with its mature velvet sound and harmonic richness. Players will appreciate the extremely comfortable hand positioning. Headjoint is all Sterling Silver Plated and tapered for tonal clarity.

Standard Features:

• Premium Cut Embouchure Riser: Also referred to as the chimney is where the Embouchure Plate connects to the headjoint. Essential to the Orchestral Tone all Schiller Flutes are noted for.

• Crown Connection Joints strengthen the overall integrity of the Flute Aids in assemble and disassemble with no damage to the Flute Keys.

• Sterling Silver Plated – Head, Body, Keys-Pure Grade Sterling Silver Plate for Tonal clarity in the Upper, Lower, & Middle Registers.


• Sterling Silver Plated

• Tapered Holes for Clarity

• Premium Cut Embouchure Riser

• German Engineered

Schiller Elite II Flute is all German Engineered and uses the finest components. With a hands on approach philosophy Schiller offers the highest quality, yet is affordable to all musicians.

Additional Photos

Additional Photos