The Schiller Shepards Crook Copper Pro Cornet brings back the hearty substantive tone which made the American Cornet Sound the envy for decades.

We put quality brass tubings, bracings, and crafted bells in the Schiller Copper Pro. Adjustable Third Valve Tuning Slide. Players today are turning away from the traditional bright and harsh sounding brass instruments which have become the standard tonal sound of trumpets produced for the last 25 years, to the bolder, more mature tone which American Trumpets and Cornets are noted for.


  • Key of Bb
  • Genuine Schiller Mouthpiece
  • Bell Size: 4.75″ (4 3/4″)
  • Bright Copper Plated for Warmth and Harmonic Richness
  • Adjustable Third Valve Thumb Tuning Slide
  • Deluxe Pod Case Included
  • Copper Plated for rich harmonic tone

Our modern valve block has been further modified for one of the fastest actions on the cornet to date.

With their hands on approach, Schiller Band Instruments achieve their goal of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all musicians.

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