Schiller-Germany-Elite IV Ebonite Clarinet Key of Bb

is among the world’s gold standard for professional and advanced student clarinetists.  Schiller Elite features even response, intonation, Superior tone quality and durability, Schiller’s Elite Clarinet comes with #65 and #66 Poly Cylindrical Barrels for Playing Ease & Richness of Tone.

Completely built in our Custom Shop Production format & Engineering Center.


  • Premium Ebonite Construction
  • Beryllium Nickel Plated Keys & Keywork- Will not Bend Leaving the insrument ready to play and requiring very little maintenance
  • Poly Cylindrical #65 & #66 Barrel-For 2 Different Playing Characters
  • Metal Body Connection Rings
  • Blue Needle Springs
  • Double Braced Posts  A double Brace Coupler surrounds Keeps the Post firmly connected to the Body-Which keeps the instrument in perfect regulation
    Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • High Quality Double Fish Skin Pads made in USA
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • Deluxe German Safety Case- Rugged Construction and only opens when instrument case is layed in correct position so no damage to the instrument
    2 Year Warranty

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