Schiller-Germany-Elite IV Ebonite Clarinet Key of A

is among the world’s gold standard for professional and advanced student clarinetists.  Schiller Elite features even response, intonation, Superior tone quality and durability, Schiller’s Elite Clarinet comes with #65 and #66 Poly Cylindrical Barrels for Playing Ease & Richness of Tone.

Completely built in our Custom Shop Production format & Engineering Center.


  • Premium Ebonite Construction
  • Beryllium Nickel Plated Keys & Keywork- Will not Bend Leaving the insrument ready to play and requiring very little maintenance
  • Poly Cylindrical #65 & #66 Barrel-For 2 Different Playing Characters
  • Metal Body Connection Rings
  • Blue Needle Springs
  • Double Braced Posts  A double Brace Coupler surrounds Keeps the Post firmly connected to the Body-Which keeps the instrument in perfect regulation
    Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • High Quality Double Fish Skin Pads made in USA
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • Deluxe German Safety Case- Rugged Construction and only opens when instrument case is layed in correct position so no damage to the instrument
    2 Year Warranty

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