The Attitude. The Authority. The American Saxophone Sound!

Players today are turning away from the traditional bright & harsh sounding saxophones which have become the standard tonal sound of saxophones produced for the last 25 years. Instead, players are returning to the bolder, richer and more mature tone which American Saxophones are well noted.

A vibrant, deep, rich & singing tone – our American Heritage Saxophone raises the spirit!

– High-Tension Blue Steel Springs
– Durable Duracoat Lacquer over German Bell Brass
– One-Piece Body Rib & Main Body Ribs Add Extra Strength
– Double Skin Kid Leather Resonator Pads
– French-Designed Bell-to-Body Bow Connect Improves Bell Tone Response
– Adjustable Thumb Hook
– Upgraded Schiller Mouthpiece
– Shaped Hard Case with Carrying Strap
– EZ Player Adjustable Key Action
– High F# Key
– 3 Point Bell-to-Body Brace
– Spatula Type Front High F & F# Key
– Forged Metal Keys with 5 Year Warranty
– 2 Years Part Warranty / 1 Year Labor Warranty

Schiller Scale:
Acclaimed by leading teacher and artist worldwide. Represents state-of-the-art saxophone building technology. Correct tone-hole sizes and location on the saxophone body assure the instrument is in tune with itself. Further design of the important neck taper insures the neck is compatible with tone-hole placement on the saxophone body. For easy blowing from lower to upper registers.


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