German Centertone Series Clarinet

German Centertone Series Clarinet

Schiller – German Centertone Clarinet uses new World Class Design. French, German, & American Engineering for Superb Performance. All selected Ebony Blackwood with tone enhanced by Resonating Joint Connections (Upper, Lower Bell, Joint) for professional and advanced student clarinetists. Using premium Stained African Black Wood, Schiller Elite features even response, intonation, Superior tone quality and durability, Tone Enhanced Upper Joint Tone Holes improve durability and performance.


• Upper Joint

• Professional Clarinet with World Class Design (French, German & American Input)

• Selected Wood

• Superb Intonation

• Natural Resonating Wood Joint Connections (Upper, Lower, Bell Joint)

• Natural African Blackwood Body & Bell

• Tone-enhaned T.M. Upper Joint Holes

• Adjustable Thumb Rest

• Blue Steel Springs

• Silver Plated Keys

• 2 Wood Barrels Included

• 65mm (442 Hz)

• 66mm (440 Hz)

• Deluxe Wood Hardshell Case

With their hands-on approach, Schiller instruments achieve their goals of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all Musicians.

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German Centertone Series Clarinet

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